It is an ancient Latin word that translates best to: “the beginning of a story”. Brands are stories, and just like the stories we’re used to, they follow a certain plot structure. They begin with objectives and strategies, add tactics and execution, and end with meaningful results.

Who is Incipit?

Incipit is a full-service communications firm, serving today’s top brands in both the pharmaceutical and consumer markets. Under one roof, we work in four fully developed business units—strategy, creative, service, and operations—where we strive to achieve a collective goal: building sustainable partnerships with our clients and increasing their economic value.



The world has changed. The way we communicate has changed. So the way we market must change. With the ever-growing exchange of information, both consumers and competitors are smarter and more powerful than they once were. To keep ahead of the game, we must shift the paradigm and reshape our strategies.

We now listen and not tell. We now speak with and not at. Using this framework, your business will own the one thing that gives you the advantage over your competition, the one thing that sells, and the one thing that matters—your audience’s trust.



Integrity, honesty, bravery and respect—a set of core principles that anchor Incipit’s vision of being the best. From the first handshake to the last dotted “i”, our satisfaction hangs on your success. To this end, we give our fullest attention coupled with complete transparency.